what's in it for me ?


Get skillset to be able to create something like this

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salient features of course

•Live Classes

•Software Installation Assistance

•One On One Doubt Clearing 

•Rich Curated Libraries and Assets

•Exercise Files to follow along

•Whole Recorded Lectures Library

•Certified Masterclass Course

•Basics To Advance

•Concise Curriculum


•Certified Tutor

Free Access to attend future batches to get revised (in case missed) 

HOw long the course is ?

30 Days 

2 Hours Sessions

Syllabus we would cover :



  • Navigating SketchUp in Mac and Windows

  • Customizing toolbars

  • Selecting and moving objects

  • Creating copies of objects

  • Drawing lines and shapes

  • Modeling from a floor plan image

  • Resizing and rotating objects

  • Making groups and components

  • Applying and editing materials

  • Changing document styles

  • Dimensioning

  • Animating drawings

  • Exporting your drawings in 2D and 3D


  • Setting SketchUp preferences

  • The render engine

  • The V-Ray Frame Buffer

  • Working with light

  • Working with the V-Ray camera

  • V-Ray materials

  • V-Ray map types

  • Working with render elements

  • V-Rays FX tools

  • V-Ray scene export and import

  • Maquette Render


  • Customizing LayOut preferences

  • Working with the drawing tools in LayOut

  • Adding text and labels

  • Creating linear and angular dimensions

  • Creating templates

  • Linking SketchUp with LayOut

  • Building a scrapbook

  • Exporting options



  • Opening and viewing files

  • Customizing the interface

  • Document size, bit depth, and color space

  • Crop, transform and warp

  • Managing layers and masking

  • Making detailed selections

  • Editing and retouching

  • Using adjustment layers

  • Applying smart filters

  • Working with type and layer effects

  • Making Isometric Diagrams

  • Rendering Plans

  • Rendering Sections 

  • Rendering Elevations

  • Render's Post-Production


  • Navigating the Illustrator interface

  • Making selections

  • Drawing lines and shapes

  • Working with swatches and other color tools

  • Creating strokes and fills

  • Saving selections

  • Aligning and distributing objects

  • Transforming objects

  • Building with compound paths and shapes

  • Drawing with the Pen, Pencil, and Eraser tools

  • Creating gradients

  • Turning artwork into patterns

  • Working with the Appearance panel

  • Creating and editing type

  • Embedding, cropping, and tracing images

  • Working with artboards

  • Customizing Illustrator

  • Exporting artwork



  • Setting up levels and grids

  • Adding doors and windows

  • Loading families

  • Working with 3D views

  • Dimensioning a plan

  • Adding a schedule view

  • Customizing schedule views

  • Calculating distances with the Path of Travel tool

  • Importing CAD files

  • Linking to another Revit file

  • Working with sheets



  • Benchmarking performance

  • Controlling the camera

  • Importing models

  • Creating camera paths

  • Rendering video

  • Configuring the environment

  • Building a realistic landscape

  • Lighting

  • Working with materials

  • Using build mode

  • Adding effects

  • Rendering videos and still photos

  • Creating panoramas


  • Creating a new InDesign document

  • Adding text frames

  • Importing graphics

  • Inserting, deleting, and moving pages

  • Overriding master page items

  • Importing text

  • Threading text frames

  • Placing and linking graphics

  • Adjusting color and transparency

  • Drawing path and frame shapes

  • Managing objects

  • Controlling layers

  • Creating and applying text and object styles

  • Creating tables

  • Building interactive PDFs and web documents

  • Packaging, printing, and exporting your InDesign project

Early BIrd Offer (valid till 7 July)
Free perks worth of 2000/- 

+Bonus 3d printing course worth 1000/- 

salient features of course

•Introduction to 3D Printing World !

•Future Of 3D Printing in Architecture. 

•Model Making and Prototyping


•CURA Software 

•Types Of Filaments ( PLA,ABS,PETG,etc ) 

•Costing Calculation for Model Printing 

•Tips And Tricks 


Free 3d Print Model

As a sovenuir, 

you will be encouraged to model a piece and

we will 3D print and ship it to your address Completely FREE!

+ One on one portfolio guidance mentorship program

 worth 1000/- 

salient features of course

• Project Selection Criteria

•Communicating Persona

•Presentation Of Ideas and Thoughts

•Balancing whole Composition


• Guidance on illustrations and diagrams

•Process and Discussion

•Review and Critic 

•Tips And Tricks 

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Shekhar Munjhe

Aayojan School of Architecture & Design, Pune

Actually this course is designed as per student need at affordable prices with over all experience facility to teach so I would recommend you to enroll for it

Mrunal Pathare

DY Patil College of Architecture, Pune

The course helped me a lot in my academics as well as developed interest in software's. Overall a very good experience with a very good faculty. Don't think twice before applying for this course you are going to enjoy and learn at the same time😊


Manisha Dhakate

Aayojan School of Architecture & Design, Pune

Instructor is excellent and the training material is very helpful as well. Also I will most certainly recommend this course to my friends that are interested in software's.😊

Mayuri Borude

Aayojan School of Architecture & Design, Pune

It has totally improve my learning , I felt more organized than i usually do with other regular software's . A great organization of software's step wise demonstration and a great package at affordable prices .

If you were to learn this all softwares, it would have costed you around: 









+ One on one portfolio mentorship program

+Bonus 3d printing course worth 1000/- 

1499 ₹

1199 ₹

999 ₹

1799 ₹

1799 ₹

1799 ₹

2999 ₹

5199 ₹

1000 ₹

1000 ₹

Grand total

19,292 ₹

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Price will increase to 9999/- after the timer hits zero!

So what are you waiting for ? 

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Disha Rao

RIT-SOA, Bangalore

This workshop was all I needed to get me started with digital learning in architecture. Vedant sir has been extremely helpful from assisting with installing multiple software’s to answering every silly doubt I had in class, sometimes repeatedly until I got it right.
Extremely patient, helpful and informative. Would highly recommend it anyone dipping their toes into digital.

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" I was not sure what to expect because the class was taught online, but I was quite impressed with the entire course. The facility of libraries was very professional and there were no problems with connectivity. Instructor was an expert and was very clear in his method of teaching. All my questions were answered and the class interaction was very good. This course has really helped me for learning software's easily in reasonable budget."

Appasaheb Birnale College Of Architecture / Sangli, MH

150+ Students already been part of the arch folio from
all across india

DON'T MISS OUT This opportunity.

Frequently asked questions

Will I get the certificate for the course ?

Yes, you will get the certificate. Its a certified course aferall.

What if I missed the majority of classes due to some emergency ?

We got you covered up.

  1. We upload all lectures online.
  2. You can acess them anytime, anywhere.
  3. You can also download them and store it in your PC/Laptop.
  4. You can attend future batch to get revised (if you didn't understand concepts through recorded lectures. For Free. ( How cool is that! )

Is 30 days sufficient for learning all 8 Softwares from scratch ?

Yes! Definitely.

  1. All softwares are breakdown in topics which are taught in efficient manner.
  2. Students are given 'excercise files, resources, shortcut pdf's' to follow along.
  3. All doubts are address in the live session itself at the same moment.
  4. We take "practice" in the session itself, and we don't give any "extra work" to do. So you just have to give 2 hours for the class daily. Thats it. Rest is our responsibilty.
  5. We also schedule "Weekend Doubt Solving Sessions" if needed to address doubts which you came across later while practicing.
  6. The pace of course depends on the grasping power of whole batch together, and just in case if we need to take few more days to cover syllabus, we do extend it. Our priority is you should learn everything that needs to be taught.

I don't have all the softwares downloaded / don't know how to install / What should I do ?

After enrolling, you will be guided and softwares links will be given to you, so you could download them easily and will help you with the installation part if needed.

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